My name is Hrvoje Stojic. Broadly speaking I might be described as a cognitive scientist. But I do my best to resist classifications, for better or for worse. My PhD at UPF was officially in economics, whereas most of my work ended up being in cognitive psychology; with a smaller part dedicated to topics in economics and management. I was conducting a lot of behavioural experiments, studying human learning and decision making processes. However, in making sense of human behaviour I was relying a lot on methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence, to the extent that I ended up being a lecturer in a Master of Data Science program at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Finally, at the moment I am a research associate in Ray Dolan’s lab at University College London, where my role can be best described as a computational neuroscientist. What box should I tick then?

Anyhow, modernizing the website that I have used during my PhD has been on my to do list for quite some time. It was a very basic website cobbled up of couple of html files. For the version 2.0, I thought of experimenting with a blog. At the moment my plan is to use it as a way to keep various notes about research, ideas, programming, and AI, as well as any other random topic that crosses my mind. Let’s see how it goes!

P.S. Source code for the blog can be found at Github. I have used Jekyll with slighlty modified Minima theme. I am using great fonts developed by Rasmus Anderson - Interface, and Pandoc flavour of markdown, via jekyll-pandoc plugin.

P.S.2 Many thanks to Nikolina, Thomas and Pantelis for advices how to improve my new website!