I’m currently a post-doctoral researcher at University College London. In my research I focus on how agents learn about the world and use their models of the world to make good decisions. Larger portion of my work is dedicated to understanding human agents, and smaller portion to developing better artificial agents. My hope is that this work will improve our understanding of the cognitive processes behind people’s learning and decision making. I also hope it will allow us bring scientific insights closer to the real world, predicting behaviour in the wild - from making everyday choices in supermarkets to making choices on stock markets with long ranging consequences.

Beyond these topics, I’m interested in resource rational decision making and transfer of learning, that is, how people flexibly switch between decision strategies and how do they transfer knowledge from one domain to another so easily, and how can we design artificial agents to do the same. I’m also interested in markets - aggregate choice outcomes and dynamics when many individual agents interact. Finally, owing to my formal modelling approach to every problem, I have a keen interest in methods and latest developments in algorithms for learning and decision making, reinforcement learning in particular.

This is my personal website. I am experimenting with the blog for keeping notes about ideas, research, and sharing my excitement with science. I will be happy if anyone else finds these discussions useful.

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I was born and grew up in Croatia. I got my undergraduate degrees, one in Economics and another in Psychology, at the University of Zagreb. After a short career as a market research analyst at IPSOS Adria, I completed a PhD in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, under the supervision of Robin M. Hogarth.