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I’m a senior machine learning researcher at Secondmind (previously known as Prowler.io) and a visiting professor at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. My mission is to improve our understanding of intelligence. In my research I focus on generalization, learning and decision making - in my opinion key faculties of intelligent agents, both human and artificial.

I obtained a PhD in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University, where, under supervision of Prof. Robin M. Hogarth, I worked on understanding human learning and decision-making, using probabilistic modelling and reinforcement learning. After that I moved to University College London where under supervision of Prof. Ray Dolan and Prof. Peter Dayan I studied human generalisation and function learning, and probed interactions between learning, choice and attention processes. Currently, at Secondmind, I’m a member of a reinforcement learning team where I’m developing new model-based reinforcement learning algorithms and applying them to real-world problems. At Barcelona Graduate School of Economics I teach reinforcement learning course to data science master students.

Check my research section for publications, code and other details on my research projects. In teaching section you can find overview of my teaching, links to materials and other goodies.

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